Gala Games to Launch The Walking Dead VOX Character Series

Mon, 21 Mar 2022 10:27:17 +0000

Gala Games Walking Dead VOX NFT

The latest collaboration between hit TV series The Walking Dead (TWD) and Gala Games sees the launch of a new and exclusive collection of TWD VOX Avatars. The unleashing of the pixelated characters comes amid another landmark moment for the zombie franchise, as in the days following the announcement,  owners of a TWD ‘Walker Access Pass’ will finally learn the true value of their flesh-biting asset.

The collection of TWD VOX Avatars will drop on March 28th, which will include 8,888 unique characters from the TV series, each costing a TBA amount of $GALA. Purchasers will have little power in deciding which TWD character they wish to onboard onto their metaverse journey, as the identity of their VOX Avatar will remain sealed in a box until reveal date on April 7th. Walker VOX is said to inhabit around half of the VOX boxes, with each coming with various stages of bodily decay.

Perhaps most poignantly, VOX Avatars will have utility in the upcoming MMORPG survival game, ‘Walking Dead: Empires,’ as they can grant passive boosts to gameplay stats of the owner and its allies. Such buffs will differ depending on the rarity and character of the TWD VOX Avatar in question, with, for example, a Daryl Dixon VOX offering crossbow combat buffs, whilst a Hershel Greene VOX will increase the chances of crafting high efficacy medical items.

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