Four reasons to choose Alium.Finance if you are an active user of cryptocurrencies

Wed, 23 Mar 2022 12:50:43 +0000

According to the analytical resource Blockchain.com, the number of active crypto wallets in the world has exceeded 81 million. This means that every hundredth inhabitant of the planet already uses digital currencies as an investment or mean of payment. And every year this number is only increasing. At the same time, the crypto business creates new opportunities and conditions for the use of crypto assets among ordinary users, and the popularization of decentralized finance has greatly simplified the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. Today, DEX platforms allow not only to exchange one cryptocurrency for another in one click, but also offer new types of earnings: staking, liquidity farming, and many others. Moreover, crypto users can lend to other market participants and receive guaranteed payments for providing liquidity. In this article, we figured out what opportunities the Alium.Finance platform provides to its users and what unique opportunities are available for professionals, novice crypto users, and even businesses.

What is Alium Finance

Alium.Finance is a multi-chain DeFi ecosystem that includes several products, such as a multi-chain exchange that supports the 9 most popular blockchains, multi-chain bridges that help transfer tokens between different blockchains, the Strong Holders Pool, a hybrid liquidity function, and ALM native token. Separately, it is worth mentioning the NFT project and the Play-2-Earn game Cyber.City, which is being developed by Alium.Finance. The release of this game will be presented in the near future. Despite the fact that the company was launched quite recently, today hundreds of users from all over the world choose solutions from Alium.Finance, because the company solves the main problems of the DeFi market by offering effective tools for exchanging cryptocurrency and making money on it. So, what makes Alium.Finance so attractive to users?

Easy exchange of tokens between blockchains

Today, there are at least fifty blockchains of various levels on the market, on the basis of which thousands of different tokens have been issued. The main problem is that many chains do not exchange information with each other, which means that it becomes problematic to exchange one token for another. Let’s take a simple example. You need to exchange a BEP-20 token created on BSC for an ERC20 token backed by the Metis Andromeda blockchain. The blockchains are not aligned with each other, which means that it will not be possible to transfer tokens in the usual way.

This is where Alium.Finance solutions matter. The user just needs to go to the Alium.Swap site, select an exchanged token and a received token, then confirm the operation. Thanks to the created bridges between blockchains, the exchange will take only a few seconds, and the operation itself is carried out according to the algorithm: BEP-20 token – ALM token – ERC20 token. An auxiliary tool for the exchange is the native token of the ALM project, thanks to which the token is converted from one blockchain to another. At the same time, users have to pay only 1% commission for conversion, and the exchange itself takes only a few seconds.

Liquidity Migration or Vampiring

Vampiring in cryptocurrencies has nothing to do with horror movie characters. On the contrary, the vampiring feature allows you to earn even more by moving liquidity from one blockchain to another. The implementation of this feature on the Alium exchange is necessary so that users can easily transfer their liquidity from other DEXs to Alium. In return, users receive ALM tokens, which are already traded on centralized and decentralized exchanges today. After launching this feature, Alium.Finance users can transfer their liquidity in the following directions:

Liquidity migration is already available to users.

Hybrid liquidity for DEX

The main problem of all existing DEXs is the lack of liquidity. In other words, if the platform does not have enough free funds to make transactions, then users simply cannot buy or sell coins. By the way, this problem was also inherent in many centralized exchanges, which, at the time of lack of liquidity, simply went offline, and users could not withdraw their funds or sell coins. Alium.Finance solves this problem with its hybrid liquidity feature.

Hybrid liquidity allows traders to use both the liquidity available on Alium and most major exchanges, using an algorithm to select the best price. This makes Alium an ideal DeFi hub with quite a large number of networks. Alium already supports blockchains such as BSC, Ethereum, Huobi Eco Chain, Polygon Matic Chain, Fantom Opera, Metis Andromeda, Moonriver, Moonbeam, and Aurora. The hybrid liquidity model allows you to minimize the need for funds in Cross-Chain Swaps, which ensures the smooth and safe operation of traders.

Strong Holders Pool – the best solution for passive income

Another development of Alium.Finance allows participants to earn tokens by simply holding them in a liquidity pool. The company first announced the launch of the Strong Holders Pool at the end of 2021. The mechanics allow you to incentivize token holders not to sell the assets, but to HODL them for a long period of time. The rules for participation are very simple. One hundred participants are added to each of the pools and contribute tokens. Then you just need to keep them for a certain amount of time, and in return receive a fixed reward. The first 60 users to leave the pool will be at a loss, while the last 40 users of the pool will make a profit. The tokens of the withdrawn participants will be divided among the remaining ones in proportion to their share in the pool. Such a system helps to solve several problems at once. First, token issuers will be protected from token price dumps, which are often observed after a token sale and listing on the DEX or CEX. Secondly, users themselves get the opportunity to earn passively on cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is wait until the pool expires. Already today Alium.Finance has 9 open pools. Another pool is under formation, so every ALM token holder can join it at any moment. Since the launch of the Strong Holders Pool, more than 900 people have become participants.


The DeFi market is constantly evolving and improving, offering new opportunities for users. The Alium.Finance company offers modern and effective tools for earning money on cryptocurrencies. Multi-chain DEX and liquidity migration functions, Strong Holders Pool allow you to effectively manage crypto assets, as well as increase them through holding, and in the future, farming. Already today, users are choosing Alium.Finance solutions to solve the most pressing problems of the decentralized finance sector.

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