Crypto data provider Kaiko integrates with oracle network Pyth

Thu, 24 Mar 2022 20:08:27 +0000

Kaiko, a cryptocurrency & blockchain asset market data provider, today announced a new integration with Pyth network, an oracle platform that provides secure market data sources for on-chain smart contracts.

Starting this summer, Kaiko will provide low latency crypto price data to the Pyth network and securely deliver quality off-chain market data to power smart contracts.

By connecting blockchains to off-chain and on-chain market data, the Pyth network empowers decentralized financial (DeFi) applications. Pyth is now powered by over 50 publishers, comprising the top trading firms, exchanges, and crypto companies, all streaming real-time price information on-chain.

The network aggregates this first-party price data and makes it easily accessible for use by either on or off-chain applications. Pyth natively sits on the Solana blockchain with plans to expand across other layer ones using the Wormhole bridging mechanism.

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