Femmes Bizarre NFTs Offer a Celebration of the Unusual

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Femmes Bizarre NFT Collection

Those scouring the blockchain for their latest fix of the unusual need look no further. Femmes Bizarre is heading this way to proudly wear the crown as the oddest collection in town. Therefore, 11,111 fearsome ladies of singular ambition will descend on the meta-realm, with the prime goal of spreading their own brand of non-fungible chaos to the unsuspecting masses.

A product from the unique mind of teenage art sensation, Salamandre, Femmes Bizarre brings together a wave of hand drawn artistry with algorithmically generated scarcity. All resulting in a collection unrivalled by any other on the blockchain.

Femmes Bizarre NFT Collection

NFTs with Attitude

Femmes Bizarre comes in exactly 11,111 unique ladies of formidable character and randomized scarcity, spanning three designs and over 300 individual traits. These hand-drawn masterpieces feature a core cast of three ladies, each with her own bespoke personality, and handpicked taste in music.

Matilda is your classic chain-smoking, jazz-loving succubus. Uma, a wild and judgmental coffee enthusiast with a penchant for contemporary smooth rock, while Lilu comes in as a sweet-faced, hard playing secret agent with a soft spot for early 2000’s pop music.

Each NFT will live on the Ethereum blockchain in the shape of an ERC-721 token, heading this way soon, at a date yet to be confirmed. Those looking to get a jump on the competition can look to the Femmes Bizarre socials to claim a coveted whitelist spot and mint at a discounted price of 0.06 ETH. Following shortly afterwards, a public sale will commence offering NFTs for 0.08 ETH.

All of the NFTs will arrive via a blind drop, maintaining an air of mystery for the first few days. Following which, a grand reveal will uncover the secrets held within.

Roadmap and Future Plans

Throughout the drop, Femmes Bizarre will release a whole host of bonus content to its avid collectors. Hitting the 25% mark, they will airdrop 25 NFTs to members of its community. At 50% it will deploy 50 more, in addition to sharing a unique high-quality DJ set. Then, at 100%, the Femmes will circulate 100 NFTs from 10 different prominent collections to 100 lucky owners, as well as making their first charitable donation providing chess classes to autistic children.

Following the complete sale, the team will begin its second phase of operations by revealing roadmap 2.0. Wherein, rumours abound of a Femmes Bizarre comic book, as they look to flesh out the brand. Further on, more collectibles will arrive on the blockchain, featuring Salamandre’s vivid and highly recognizable style.

Femmes Bizarre NFT Collection

Charitable Endeavours

Looking to give something back and help their fellow human beings, Femmes Bizarre has side-lined a portion of profits to help the autistic community. An area close to the heart of Salamandre and her immediate family.

To this end, the team will select three noteworthy projects where they will distribute the funds. As of now, chess classes will benefit first from a Femmes Bizarre windfall, with two more projects making the list a little further down the line.

The Femmes Bizarre Team

Femmes Bizarre is made up of a fine team of seasoned professionals all supporting the grand talents of 17 year-old artist, Salamandre. Their ranks include financial experts, a music supervisor, art director, project lead, as well as development and communications professionals. Each boasting gallons of experience backed up by a detailed knowledge of each field.

So, anyone looking to add a little more of the bizarre to their NFT collection should check out the Femmes Bizarre.

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