ODIN Builds the ‘Future of Golf’ with Founding Member NFTs

Wed, 20 Apr 2022 11:47:48 +0000

Odin Future of Golf NFT Opensea

For way too long, the leisurely pursuit of golf has remained the reserve of presidents, warlords and businessmen. Those with the financial means to pay hefty course fees, buy the finest equipment and hire a manservant to carry it around. All in addition to funding those tiny little cars that look way more fun than the game itself.

Now however, ODIN Golf is here to change the way we perceive the ancient game of ball and stick. A fine organization with the single-track plan of reducing the entry prices for participating, in addition to making high-quality golfing equipment affordable and accessible to the masses. This mighty goal is achieved by selling golf-related paraphernalia via the ODIN Marketplace and organizing golfing services within its community.

One faculty of ODIN’s amazing journey will utilize the power of NFTs to build the golf brand of the future. Budding golf fanatics are invited to join the organization from its lowest branches, and play a part in its future growth, and sign up to reap the potential rewards as the organization flourishes beyond all expectations.

Founding Member NFTs

The very first ‘Future of Golf’ founding NFTs represent just 150 digital collectibles, each featuring everyone’s favourite god of poetry, death and wisdom, ODIN, or one of his golfing buddies. All adorned with a variety of colourful accessories, resulting in provably unique designs.

Each NFT within the collection comes with a range of additional benefits. As such, owners will receive membership to an exclusive community, access to amazing events, and will have the first look at the upcoming $ODIN utility token. All in addition to qualifying for a lifetime 15% discount at the ODIN merchandise platform.

Odin’s ‘Future of Golf’ NFTs are available right now on the OpenSea marketplace for a grand old fee of 0.2 ETH ( approx. $600). All the while, ODIN will use 100% of the funds to fuel an aggressive marketing campaign, ramp up its marketplace, and organize a number of real-life golfing events.

Odin Future of Golf NFT Opensea

The Wider World of Odin Golf

ODIN Golf is a new and innovative golfing platform that melds the best of real-world sporting endeavours with the Web3 universe. Thereby, utilizing the economic funding principles enabled by the blockchain, while also providing real-world golfing equipment and services to the IRL audience.

The ultimate goal for the ODIN Web3 platform experience is to bring utility and value to everyday golfers where they can play to earn, compete with their teams and earn through minting NFTs, win $ODIN currency and grow their own golf leagues.

Backing up the initiative, ODIN has a team of seasoned veterans from throughout the ecommerce and social media industries. Each boasting a shared love of the beautiful game, and a passion to drive the project forward.

Tune into the ODIN socials and keep tabs on the website to find out what will happen next.

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