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Halo Virtual Human NFT

HALO is an NFT project which realizes the value interoperation across the digital and physical realms now has in society, especially with the emergence of Web3. Through this recognition, and taking inspiration from media platforms such as Instagram and Zoom, the project allows users to interact across many platforms, and control virtual people on video platforms to live stream or attend video meetings, instead of creating.

The project is grounded in a network of individual 3D avatar NFTs, which are each the product of designs by a community of 3D artists. Over the course of the project’s roadmap, the HALO metaverse and all of its interoperability will be built around increasing the holistic utility of these NFT avatars.

HALO Virtual Human NFTs

Physical humans will exist within HALO via Virtual Human NFTs, which can be virtual replicas or alter egos of the user (or perhaps a mix of both). Through their highly detailed 3D aesthetic based around traits such as head, ear, face, neck, arm, clothing, makeup and hair, each identity extends way beyond being a mere static image. They can also be freely navigated and expressed throughout the metaverse, with ultra realistic facial cues and body mannerisms at their helm.

Each HALO Virtual Human NFT also acts as a unique visual identification credential with high interoperability and commercial value across different dApps that support EVM compatible smart contracts, and users can easily manage their data and avatar identity in both wallets and dApps through an underlying data credential module. 


HALO SHOWS will inaugurate Virtual Human NFTs into the metaverse, with there being five shows in total, and 1,000 NFTs to be issued in each show. The shows will serve as the original competition of virtual humans as they take part in creative, operational and managerial activities, before the real world makes its mark by voting on who should be crowned as the top participants in the shows.

Here, top participants will sign a contract with HALO which offers them lucrative business routes throughout the ecosystem through their top performing Virtual Human NFT, such as commercialized endorsements, blockchain authentic rights, and ancillary trademark copyrights. 

Each show will have a different premise, with the first adopting a female empowerment theme which’ll focus on rewarding the top female characters. 


The HALO team has devised a five-part plan, with the ultimate ambition being to expand its platform into all things media, fashion, work, entertainment, and life in general.

Stage 1 has already kicked off, which was based around the genesis of the project and its protocol, NFT 3D modelling, community expansion, and the launch of its website. 

Stage 2 is when the first of the five HALO SHOWS will take place. Following this will be the initiation of voting, interaction, and community activity dynamics, as well as a feature which’ll allow users to independently produce co-branded posters with other projects. 

A HALO merchandise store which collaborates with top brands to sell clothes, jewellery, music, dolls, and more will launch in Stage 3, as well as the second instalment of NFTs via the second HALO SHOW. Here, more work through a DAO governance system will be made, in order to squeeze out every last drop of commercial value for its virtual human users. 

The third HALO SHOW will take place in Stage 4, accompanied by an online metaverse 3D artwork exhibition and concert, and an interactive session with top celebrities such as joint endorsement and other business activities.

The final stage in the project’s current roadmap will see HALO officially inaugurate itself into the metaverse, with its Virtual Human NFTs entering various metaverses such as Decentraland, NFT Worlds, The Sandbox, and others.

Stage 5 will also see the introduction of enriched HALO content revolving around VR tech, enhanced gameplay, role playing, and the rendering of a fully 3D metaverse aesthetic. The fourth and fifth HALO SHOWS will also take place around this time, with each to be followed by a period of DAO governance to understand the commercial value of its Virtual Human NFTs even further.


The decentralized artist community behind the project incorporates an eclectic and multicultural mix of 3D artists from India, Russia, Jordan and France. The team is experienced in working for movie production companies such as Disney, newspapers, video game developers, sculptors, digital art, and other NFT projects. 

Make sure to join the upcoming AMA event on Twitter Spaces and get a chance to chat to the 3D artists of the project. They will be discussing HALO NFTs, 3D art and other related content, and whitelist spots will be randomly dropped to the audience.

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