Güdphoria – The Hemp Plant Visionaries Who Leverage Blockchain Tech

Thu, 28 Apr 2022 10:53:36 +0000

Gudphoria NFT Hemp Blockchain Seed

With the world finally being reawakened to the wonders of the hemp plant, Güdphoria, a US-based company dedicated to solving the climate crisis through regenerative cultivation, is on a mission to transform and innovate the disregarded miracle plant using the help of blockchain technology. 

With over 15,000 acres of farmland in Central Oregon, the company is poised to become one of the largest hemp and biomass suppliers in the United States. With its upcoming release of ‘The Seed’ NFT collection, it will be able to fund and achieve its goal of becoming the world’s leading and most sustainable hemp plant innovator.

The Seed NFTs

To help propel the company towards its climate saving ambitions, it is launching an NFT collection called ‘The Seed’. Funds raised from the sale will be directly reinvested into the company, in order to scale out its operations. 

The Seed NFTs are rare and collectible pieces of art which are sold directly by Güdphoria itself. Each NFT is a digital representation of the seeds being planted by the company, whereby owning one, you will be part of a symbolic representation of the future of the real and digital worlds. 

Along with their artistic utility, the NFTs will also serve as an access key to the company’s metaverse community, Güd-verse. Here, holders will be provided access to digital and IRL expressions, live sessions with the team, and other exclusive content. 

To minimize the amount of carbon footprint produced from its NFTs, the company has elected ERC-1155 as its chosen token. Through determining the actual figure of carbon footprint in which the mint will emit, the company aims to plant 146,930 of its hemp plants in order to offset its emissions and ensure the endeavour is carbon neutral.

The Mint

There are 5,555 The Seed NFTs on offer (with 5,555 relating to the concept of blessings and change), which became available to mint from April 2nd on the Güdphoria mint site. Each costs 0.1 ETH to mint, with secondary sales to take place on OpenSea and Rarible in the future.

Other Blockchain Focuses

With the help of the NFT sale, Güdphoria aims to become a hub for the research and innovation of the hemp plant, through methods which involve testing out various hemp seed genetics, sampling different regenerative soils, and trying out different cultivation practices. To do so, the company has launched a 10-acre research and innovation plot, which, along with the genesis of the Güdphoria agronomy development process, the NFT collection commemorates. 

In addition to its NFT-centric effort, the company leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparency and trust is given to all of those of interest, especially holders of The Seed NFTs. It uses 3D drone technology to map out the entirety of its farmland, where it then collects data which can be given to industry advisors and experts. From here, identifying the best hemp varieties, as well as conducting crucial soil analysis can take place.

Güdphoria also aims to leverage blockchain technology to address inequalities and barriers for marginalized groups in traditional fundraising, as well as support Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) hemp farmers to produce high-value products and engage with the vibrant marketplace which has historically underserved them.


The next phase of the company’s NFT roadmap is the enablement of NFT resales on OpenSea and Rarible. Once 50% of the collection is sold, Güdphoria will then begin purchasing, processing and planting supplies for IRL activation. 

After this, the test crops will be planted, along with the infrastructure for the processing facility.

Following this, and after the collection sells out entirely, holders will receive a special airdrop. When this final stage comes to a conclusion, holders can expect a Roadmap 2.0 to be launched. 


Güdphoria is co-founded by climate crisis visionaries Fred Parent and Jessica Behal, with its NFT project being a product of work by data-driven marketing agency Spherical Strategies, full-stack Blockchain Development and Smart Contract auditing firm Solidity.io, and 3D design and rendering firm Virtue Innovations. 

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