MetaMask Make DAO and Token Hints Amid Hitting 30 Million Users

Sat, 19 Mar 2022 10:17:41 +0000

Metamask NFT Token DAO

Crypto software company ConsenSys announced that its popular crypto wallet MetaMask has amassed over 30 million monthly active users. The figure represents  a huge 42% increase from the wallet’s reported 21 million users four months ago, which in turn, has bolstered its reputation as a prominent player in the ever-emerging Web3 ecosystem. 

Although primarily used by individual consumers to navigate Web3 by storing Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies across an array of applications, MetaMask has also built out its client base into institutional settings, where large businesses and professional investors use its services to onboard themselves onto the blockchain.

In doing so, the function has cultivated a user base which stretches to all corners of the earth, which ConsenSys alluded to in a statement which followed the landmark milestone: “A global user base relies on MetaMask to mint and collect NFTs, join DAOs, and participate in DeFi protocols. The United States, the Philippines, Brazil, Germany, and Nigeria represent some of MetaMask’s most active markets”. 

In wake of the achievement, ConsenSys’s CEO Joe Lubin stated that MetaMask is now pursuing progressive decentralization, whilst simultaneously adding effort to improve its security and commonly-described ‘clunky’ interface. Part of such plans includes the launching of a MetaMask DAO and token, however for now, Lubin is keeping the project’s plans under wraps. 

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