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Launch 17 Feb 2022
"Deltanauts are developing superior-quality 3D cross compatible NFT assets that are engineered for Metaverse integration, as well as bring translated into our 2D Play-to-Earn game. The current Deltanaut NFT releases will be your playable character across our 2.5D P2E Game. Leaning on our innovative, 2.5D, hack-and-slash, and cooperative gameplay mechanics, our play-2-earn game will be something not yet seen in the GameFi space! With only 100M $HONR token supply, with 75% team & presales token allocations locked between 90 to 180 days, a very capable verified team, along with strong strategic partners, $HONR is designed to stand strong and become a potential top tier billion dollar plus GameFi & Metaverse Project."
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