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Launch 26 Aug 2021
"The CardanoEvo (cEvo) project has been running since May 2021. As well as delivering over $120,000 worth of Cardano ($ADA) rewards to investors thus far, the project continues to evolve. Since inception, they have launched their website, Their EvoDashboard and their Merchandise Store. Further developments have seen the successful launch of their Dex exchange – EvoSwap and their own token being listed on further exchanges such as Coinsbit. The team have begun their doxxing process on their website; and are actively engaged with the community every day. Social channels have been successfully launched on Telegram, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with followings increasing daily. The most recent project developments have delivered listings at Coinranking and the publication of their first major audit by TechAudit. They continue to grow and progress, with coding work for their EvoNFT marketplace well underway and preparations for the Evolution ecosystem are almost completed. They are a community-led project, delivering the will of their investors in a professional, ethical, legitimate and effective manner. Now listed on CoinMarketCap, they look forward to developing the project further and further with the support of their amazing community, They are CardanoEvo; long-term and progressive."
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