Apollo Coin

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BSCContract Address
Marketcap $1359885
Price $0.000000
Launch 14 Dec 2021
"Our mission to the moon begins with you. Apollo Coin is a new hyper deflationary token that rewards the holders in $BUSD. We have amazing utility in the works including the Apollo Wallet, Apollo Swap, NFT Marketplace and much more! The Apollo Coin Wallet will be the Ultimate Reflections Wallet. From our wallet, once complete after the beta period, you will be able to track your reflections earned from APX as well as all other BEP20 reflection tokens. This does not exist as a feature in any other wallet on the market! Normally, you would need to visit multiple sites to see the reflections you have earned. With the Apollo Coin Wallet you will be able to do it all from one place, making it your one stop resource for BSC tokens!"
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