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Launch 29 Apr 2021
"The air is already saturated with excitement and our community is growing fast. We welcome you to the world of Sheep Token, a combination of profitable yield-generating DeFi and safe store-of-value Bitcoin. There is no doubt that both “worlds” have offered disrupting possibilities. Their impact cannot be emphasized well enough as they have given the cryptocurrency ecosystem a reason to live and thrive and as of today, surpass the 2T market cap globally. It is a pleasure to introduce this life-changing-opportunity token. The aim is to be at the forefront of wealth generation and a better and fairer economic standard of living. Sheep Token is a deflationary token that allows for passive income generation for investors. The first juicy feature is the “penalty” applied to all buy/sell/wallet transfer transactions. This penalty increases the liquidity, reduces the supply and rewards token holders."
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