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Launch 01 Dec 2021
4JNET, an encrypted token certified with the U.S. MSB license, will presell limited-edition NFTs on 18 October 2021. It is expected 5,000 NFTs will be launched. All NFT holders can claim a total of 30% tokens after 1 December 2021 when the Project kicks off. 2% of these tokens can be unlocked every day, and a service charge of 3% can be exempted. The liquidity of purchased 4JNET tokens will maximize the benefits. 4JNET pioneeringly introduces a decreasing service charge, and all business logics are open sourced based on the smart contract. To stabilize the price, the project team will not hold the tokens, so limited-edition NFTs are presold for fundraising, and the funds will be used for global propaganda on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and token KOLs.
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